Learning Skills

January 25, 2010

Before I started this toon I made myself promise that I would get all of my learning skills at five. Doing this will save weeks and even months down the road in skill training. Here is a little trick some of you may not know to help get all your learning skills at five.

Open your Character Sheet and on the left hang tab you’ll see Attributes. Click on it. This page shows you your points toward your attributes. You are allowed to remap these (giving or taking away points) to allocate your points. Since all learning skills use Memory as a primary attribute and Intelligence as secondary, remap your attributes so that Memory is full and put everything else in Intelligence. Your toon should look something like this…

Be forewarned. You are allowed one more remap. You should use the next remap once you are done with your learning skills. You won’t get to remap again until a whole year!

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